Aisha P.L. Kadiri

Aisha P.L. Kadiri

Doctoral Researcher, Political Theory

Aisha Kadiri is a PhD student in political theory and focuses on the role of big technology companies in the international system. Additionally, she is researcher at Digital Africa, an initiative launched in 2018 by French president Emmanuel Macron to foster inclusive development through digital innovations 'made in Africa'.  Aisha graduated with an MSc in Security Risk Management from the University of Copenhagen with a thesis on Adorno. Prior to that, she completed a BSc in International Business from Maastricht University with a thesis on political risk’s impact on corporate strategies. Aisha has previously worked for Copenhagen University’s Centre for Advanced Security Theory (CAST) and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). Her main interests lie at the intersection of philosophy, technology, and postcolonial and liberal theories.

Project : GAFA as international actors: technology, sovereignty, legitimacy

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Twitter: @APLKadiri