The cyber risk to societal values: Political, legal and ethical dimensions

The 2019 WEF Global Risks Report signals the significance of potential cyber attacks both in terms of risk (ranked 5) and risk impact (ranked 7). However this significance goes beyond the risk of isolated attacks. The report also documents the high degree of interconnexion of cyber risks with other types of risk. Because of the expanding interdependence of cyber technologies and society, risks impact virtually all parts of social life.  Yet where conventional research on cyber security focuses on technological aspects of the risk for society and their mitigation by technological means, this project will investigate the societal aspects of cyber attacks and the societal costs of their mitigation using social scientifique methodologies and 3 case studies of cyber-risk to critical infrastructure. This projects asks what the actual risks of cyber attack to societal values and how they can be mitigated?

Principal researcher: Linda Monsees

Researcher: J. Peter Burgess