Transformation of the public/private divide (2017), University of Copenhagen

Introduction and overview - September 4th

What is the public/private divide and how does its transformation matter today?

Weintraub: ’The theory and practice of the public/private distinction’


Classical theories of the public sphere - September 5th

How do early modern understandings of society and state prefigure the public/private divide?

Hobbes: from Leviathan

Locke: from Two Treatises of Government

Mill: from On Liberty

Rousseau: from The Social Contract


Introduction to public-private partnership (PPP) case-work: The E.U. - September 6th

European Commission: Public-private partnerships in Horizon 2020

European Commission: Communication on Public Private Partnerships- FAQs

European Commission: EU industrial leadership gets boost through eight new research partnerships


The bourgeois public sphere - September 25th

What historical properties accompany the emergence of the European bourgeois public sphere?

Anderson: from Imagined Communities.

Habermas: ‘The public sphere’

Kant: ‘An Answer to the Question: 'What is Enlightenment?’

Optional reading

Habermas: from The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere.

Negt & Kluge: from Public Sphere and Experience


Critique of the public sphere - September 26th

What governs inclusion in and exclusion from the European public sphere?

Fraser: ’Rethinking the public sphere: A contribution to the critique of actually existing democracy’

Latour: ‘From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik or How to Make Things Public’

Bohman: ’Expanding dialogue: The internet, public sphere and transitional democracy’

Gobetti: ‘Humankind as a system’


Politics of the public sphere - September 28th

What are the social, economic and political forces determine the scope and limits of the public sphere?

Arendt: from The Human Condition

Rawls: ’The idea of public reason revisited’

Schmidt: from The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy

Mouffe, Chantal: ‘Deliberative democracy or agonistic pluralism’


The self and the digital public sphere - October 12th

How do digital technologies impact the practices, formats and functions of 'the public'?

Castells: ‘The new public sphere’

Tjalve: ‘Designing (de)security’

Andersen: ‘To Promise a Promise’

Papacharissi: from A Private Sphere: Democracy in a Digital Age


Humanitarianism between the public and the private - October 26th

[Lecturer: Katja Lindskov Jacobsen]

What are the implications for traditional refugee protections of the use of digital technologies for refugee management?

Spearin: ’Private security companies and humanitarians’

Leander & van Munster: ‘Private security contractors in the debate about Darfur’

Østensen: ’In the Business of Peace. The Political Influence of Private Military and Security Companies on UN Peacekeeping’

Lindskov Jacobsen: ‘Experimentation in Humanitarian Locations’

Spearin: ’UN Peacekeeping and the International Private Military and Security Industry’


Maritime piracy and private security companies - October 27th

[Lecturer: Katja Lindskov Jacobsen]

Does the presence of private security companies challenge existing regulatory regimes and accountability mechanisms in the domain of maritime security?

Bueger: ‘Practice, pirates and coast guards: The grand narrative of Somali piracy’,

Percy & Shortland ‘The Business of Piracy in Somalia’

Mineau ‘Pirates, Blackwater and Maritime Security’


Privacy and data protection - November 9th

Warren and Brandeis: ’The Right to Privacy’

Floridi: from Onlife Manifesto
Nissenbaum: ’Protecting privacy in an information age: The problem of privacy in public’


Identity in Internet 2.0 - November 10th

Lessig: from Code and other Laws of Cyberspace, chapters 1, 11, 14, 15.

Reed & Tobin: The inevitable rise of self-sovereign identity


Public-private partnerships (in the E.U.) - November 16th

Dunn-Cavelty & Suter: Public-Private Partnerships are no silver bullet: An expanded governance model for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Petersen & Tjalve:(Neo)republican security governance?: US homeland security and the politics of 'shared responsibility’

World Trade Organisation: On public-private partnerships