Routledge Handbook of New Security Studies

J. Peter Burgess (Editor)

J. Peter Burgess (2012) Routledge Handbook of New Security Studies. London, Routledge

This Handbook gathers together state-of-the-art theoretical reflection and empirical research by a group of leading international scholars relating to recent transformations in the field of security studies.

In today’s globalized setting, the challenge of maintaining security is no longer limited to the traditional foreign-policy and military tools of the nation-state, and we face a wide range of security threats. Since the late 1980s, a flurry of research and scholarship has brought forth a new range of theoretical positions and methodologies for studying security, focusing on issues such as information technology, biological and chemical warfare, resource conflicts, pandemics, mass migrations, transnational terrorism, and environmental dangers. This Handbook represents a critical stock-taking of the evolution of security studies, a reflection on the new security thinking, and a critical review of its premises and ambitions, its politics, and its continuities and discontinuities with what remains of the Cold War security studies tradition.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction J. Peter Burgess  Part 1: New Security Concepts  2. Civilizational Security Brett Bowden  3. Risk Oliver Kessler  4. Small Arms Keith Krause  5. Critical Human Security Taylor Owen  6. Critical Geopolitics Simon Dalby  Part 2: New Security Subjects  7. Biopolitics Michael Dillon  8. Gendered Security Laura Shepherd  9. Identity Security Pinar Bilgin  10. Security as Ethics Anthony Burke  11. Financial Security Marieke de Goede  12. International Law and Security Kristin B. Sandvik  Part 3: New Security Objects  13. Environmental Security Jon Barnett  14. Food Security Rachel Slater and Steve Wiggins  15. Energy Security Roland Dannreuther  16. Cyber Security Myriam Dunn Cavelty  17. Pandemic Security Stephan Elbe  18. Biosecurity Frida Kuhlau and John Hart  Part 4: New Security Practices  19. Surveillance Mark Salter  20. Urban Insecurity David Murakami Wood  21. Privatization of Security Anna Leander  22. Migration William Walters  23. Security Technologies Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet and Julien Jeandesboz  24.  Designing Security Cynthia Weber and Mark Lacy  25. New Mobile Crime Monica den Boer

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