Mélanie Pinet

Mélanie Pinet

Doctoral Researcher, Political Theory

Mélanie Pinet is a PhD student in political theory and researches the changing nature of the concept of fragility in the context of digitalisation. She graduated from the University of Uppsala with an MA in Religion in Peace and Conflict with a thesis on the role of gender in P/CVE programmes. She holds a BA in War Studies from King’s College University with a thesis on the role of non-state actors on dispute settlements. Mélanie is currently a Research Fellow at ODI, a global affairs think tank and previously completed an assignment in the Political Affairs Division of the UN peacekeeping operation in the Central African Republic. Prior to this, she worked for the international peacebuilding organisation Search for Common Ground in Burundi and Rwanda. Her research interest are at the nexus of technology, fragile settings and conflict transformation.

Project: Global fragilities in the context of digital societies


Contact: m.pinet@odi.org.uk