Willy Delvalle

Willy Delvalle

Doctoral Researcher, Political Theory

Willy Delvalle is a PhD student at the Chair Geopolitics of Risk (ENS) in political theory. His research focuses on the crisis of the concept of intervention and the Principle of Non-Intervention face to the perception of environmental risks in the Amazon Rainforest. He holds a Master's degree from the University Paris 8 on European Union and Globalisation where he wrote a thesis on the participation of Germany and Norway in the Amazon Fund. He is also graduated from the University Paris Diderot on Political Sociology and Philosophy with a thesis on the political subjectivity of suicide in the film The Hours. He holds a BA from the Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) in Social Communication habilitation Journalism with the documentary "Among Cavaco, Horse and Gate" on the notion of craziness in a popular neighborhood in Sao Paulo (Brazil). He is a journalist, international correspondent in Paris and collaborates with the Brazil webmedia Diário do Centro do Mundo.

Project : Facing environmental risks in the Amazon rainforest: An ecological intervention?

Contact: willy.ramos.delvalle@ens.psl.eu